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Garsons Hill, Ipsden, On the Road to Blue Tin Farm, For Sale, see here



Susan has had a lifelong interest in art, art history, botany and nature.  These interests became a passion when she started painting twelve years ago.  Having worked from a home studio close to Wittenham Clumps for many years, in 2019 Susan moved to the other side of the Clumps to the picturesque, riverside village of Clifton Hampden - only a few months before the pandemic began!  


The enforced isolation of shielding for over a year inevitably changed her way of working, thinking and the feeding of her imagination. However, colour and texture, the use of mixed media (watercolour, acrylics, inks, oils, pastels, collage, found objects, poetry) remain key factors in her work but she, like many others, has experienced a strengthened appreciation for the beautiful countryside and the richness of nature that thrives in her local landscape and her own garden. 

The upside of shielding meant that Susan took part in many workshops and online courses with some of the most talented painters whose work she particularly admires and the highly respected Newlyn Art School. 


After another successful exhibition with Oxfordshire Artweeks in 2021, she is now focussing on a new series of landscapes drawing on the experiences of the last two years.  And in 2022, Susan will be exhibiting from her new home studio for Oxfordshire Artweeks.  See their page here. There is no substitute for the joy of sharing art talk and meeting new people during a face to face exhibition!   Details to follow on the Exhibitions page soon.

Susan's work is widely collected both locally, around the UK, Europe and as far afield as the U.S. and New Zealand.  If you would like to see current works for sale, please see the link above.

And, if you would like to visit the studio, please contact Susan as per details on the Contact page here and she will happily arrange a visit.