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Spring - Crops Swell, Kites Soar and Clouds Break.jpg

Crops Swell, Kites Soar and Clouds Break.  Mixed Media painting. For Sale, see here



Susan's contemporary mixed media and watercolour paintings of landscapes, nature studies and still life are influenced by her lifelong interest in botany, gardening, nature and the landscape. They portray her love of the local environment, her special places and the pollinators that inhabit them.  Her work often includes natural materials, which are squirrelled away in flower presses and albums to sometimes find their way into paintings!  

Bees, butterflies, wild flowers and birds are other favourite subjects as they are so much part of, and vital to, our environment.  A wide collection of collage materials and handmade, tinted papers can be included or act as surfaces.  All these materials, preparatory sketches, story boards and colour mixes are available to see at her studio.


Susan works on varying surfaces and uses several media inc. watercolour, inks, acrylics, oils, pastels.  Her process is slow and considered, building up layers of colour and texture.  A recurring theme in her work is the natural boundaries and human boundaries that border our landscapes…..fences, gates, hedges, ditches, field margins.  Sometimes these are invitations and sometimes these are barriers; irrespective of this Susan's paintings aim to take you inside these precious landscapes and convey the energy, colour and inspiration they bring into our lives.


This year, Susan will be exhibiting at three venues over the period 13th - 22nd May, including her home studio in the picturesque, riverside village of Clifton Hampden.  See her Exhibitions page here for full details.  All venues have plenty of accessible parking, refreshments and are, of course, Covid secure. See Artweeks link here.

In the meantime, if you would like to visit the studio, please contact Susan as per details on the Contact page here and she will happily arrange a visit or send images to you.

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